• Paul Devore MBA, CFP, CLU

    Paul Devore MBA, CFP, CLU

    Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner

  • Brent Guttman

    Brent Guttman

    President, Managing Partner and Branch Principal

  • Gary Madvin MS, CLU, ChFC

    Gary Madvin MS, CLU, ChFC

    Chairman of the Board and Managing Partner

  • Robert Pessell CFP

    Robert Pessell CFP

    Managing Partner

  • Mimi Robinson

    Mimi Robinson

    Financial Planner & Managing Partner

  • Maurice Gelfo

    Maurice Gelfo

    Registered Advisor

  • Alexander Sasha Kaminsky

    Alexander Sasha Kaminsky


  • Bruce Keefe

    Registered Advisor

  • Scott Lam

    Financial Advisor

  • Edward Rusowicz

    Edward Rusowicz

    Financial Advisor

  • Ron Segal


  • John Shannahan CFP

    John Shannahan CFP

    Financial Planner

  • April Anekboon

    Executive Assistant

  • Louie Berentschot CLU

    Louie Berentschot CLU

    Registered Client Account and Service Administrator

  • Natale Haworth

    Natale Haworth


  • Sam Noritake

    Sam Noritake

    Registered Financial Planning & Investments Adminstrator

  • Lisa Ow

    Lisa Ow

    Executive Assistant

  • Michael Pessell

    Michael Pessell

  • Stacie Stearns

    Stacie Stearns

    Executive Assistant

  • Penny Jacobi

    Penny Jacobi

  • Anita Kurtz

    Anita Kurtz

    V. P. Administration / FINRA Registered Field Assistant

  • Joanna Oellien

    Joanna Oellien

    Accounting & Commissions Manager