Collaborate. Innovate. Elevate.

We do more than help companies get by. We elevate them through the power of collaboration and innovation.

FMS Financial Partners, Inc. is an independent employee benefits consulting firm. We approach your organization's employee benefit challenges with personalized attention, high levels of customer service, an understanding of local market trends, and dedicated staff. We are a member affiliate of Benefit Partners, a national corporate benefits organization of more than 193 offices across the country, bringing together leading-edge thinking, preferred carrier relationships, quality products, advanced benchmarking and analysis tools, and comprehensive decision and implementation support services that keep companies ahead of the curve.

With more than 2,000 benefits professionals, representing over 40,000 corporate clients of all sizes throughout every industry, Benefits Partners has the experience and expertise to make the difference in your business. At FMS Financial Partners, Inc., we provide you with access to greater solutions, greater insight and greater support — so you can be faster, control costs, work smarter, offer more and make the benefits decisions that best fit the unique needs of your continually evolving workforce.


Collaboration is more than a value-add — it is our value. We collaborate more so you can do more with your benefits solutions, helping create greater value for your employees and your company alike.


Innovation means creating powerful and insightful benefits solutions — solutions that help solve the problems businesses face today, and take a proactive approach to the challenges they may face in the future.


Elevation means having the tools you need to work faster, responding more quickly to the needs of your employees, your business and the ever-evolving market — everyday tasks no longer hold you down.

In today's corporate world, business and HR managers at companies of all sizes are being asked to do more when it comes to employee benefits —

  • To provide benefits plans that promote retention by keeping current employees happy.
  • To offer more robust benefits to attract prospective employees.
  • To stay ahead of changing regulatory and compliance issues.
  • To provide greater support on the day-to-day management of employee benefits plans.
  • To find ways to save the company money – containing costs without cutting benefits.

To remain competitive, business and HR managers must find a way to create benefits programs that help create greater value for employees and employers alike — now, and into the future. We are prepared to help get you there.